SunPower – The Infinity Way

Why Infinity?

We’re a Local Solar Company

We grew up here and we built our company here. We care about the area, the environment and your home as much as you do – because we are your neighbors. Our experienced team is built of more than 50 unique individuals who all have the same passion – providing you with the best solar solution for your home.

We’re Here For You Long Term: Solar Maintenance

When we finish an installation, it does not mean our job is over. We support you with any questions, concerns or solar maintenance issues for the life of your solar system. That’s our Infinity promise.

Feel confident working with a trusted local business here to support you for the life of your solar panels.

How We Install Solar

We’re Solar Experts and Always Learning

Solar is a new industry and there is much to master and learn about equipment, installation and maintenance. Our team has experienced just about every problem, customization and solution so you can feel confident about your solar installation.

Every Solar Panel Installation is Unique

Every house is different and every house is someone’s home. We understand the unique needs and situations of homeowners in our community and that is we have built a service customized just for them.

Get the job done right the first time with a beautiful and efficient solar panel system from Infinity.

What We Do

We’re on Time and Efficient

We work around your schedule and know you don’t have all day. Our expert team of locally licensed solar installers will be on site, on time and equipped to complete your solar installation usually in one day’s time.

We’re SunPower® Masters.

Infinity was hand-selected by SunPower® to join its Dealer program. What that means is Infinity is one of the few organizations in the country that uses only the highest-quality solar panels on the market, manufactured right here in the U.S.

Get the best products in the industry from a service provider with an excellent reputation of quality customer service.