Spread the word and reap the rewards.

 Share the power of solar and receive a $500 prepaid gift card

Most people aren’t even aware of how much they can save by switching to solar energy, but once they hear about the cost savings they are likely to consider going solar.

How does it work?

Refer someone you know to SunPower® by Infinity Solar by submitting the form and we’ll handle the rest. When they go solar with us, you’ll receive a $500 prepaid gift card!

Is there a limit?

Just like the warmth, light and energy of the sun, the number of people you can refer is limitless. With 10 separate referrals you could earn up to $5,000!

What’s the catch?

Great news, there is none! You’re able to join our referral program and reap the rewards all year round. Don’t let the people around you get left in the dark.

Join the program

Refer a friend, family member, neighbor, or colleague to make the switch and we’ll reach out to them to get the process started. They’ll receive the same great customer support and availability to answer questions that you did every step of the way. We’ll update you once they go solar so you know when to expect your referral reward.

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