With skyrocketing fuel prices and electricity costs, the option to switch to solar energy for your home or business is more popular than ever before. A solar panel installation in New York or New Jersey will allow you to take advantage of renewable, free energy straight from the sun and keep your energy costs in check. Solar energy can be used to power the appliances or equipment in your home or business and even assist with heating and cooling.

Residential installation

Commercial installation

Solar panel maintenance

Residential installation

Whether you choose to lease or purchase a solar panel system for your home, you will immediately begin to save money. No more surprises each month when your electric bill arrives. With SunPower® by Infinity Solar’s lease option, you pay no money down and are billed a fixed rate every month that is less than what you would normally pay for your electric bill.

You may choose to purchase a solar panel system for your home. The upfront costs are higher, but you will be eligible for a 30% credit on your Federal income taxes for the cost of equipment and installation if your system is installed and running by 2016. You may also be eligible for state and local rebates that will help defray your initial costs.

Solar Panels for Sale in NY

Commercial installation

A solar panel installation for your business in New York or New Jersey will help keep your expenses under control. With a fixed price for electric each month, you can better plan your business’s yearly expenses and ultimately keep more of your revenue.

Switching to solar energy is also good for your business’s reputation. Customers will see that you have taken a step to do something good for the community and environment.

Purchasing a solar panel system for your business allows you to recoup 30% of your upfront costs with a credit on your Federal income tax. You may also be eligible for additional rebates from your utilities and local government. The return on this investment will quickly add up because you are eligible to take a deduction for yearly depreciation on your taxes.

Solar Panels for Sale in NJ

Solar panel maintenance

An installed solar panel system will require very little maintenance. Today’s solar panels are built to withstand severe weather and wear and tear from the sun, so regular solar panel maintenance is minimal. In the event of heavy and wet snow, it may be necessary to clear the snow from your panels. This is not for the danger of the panels breaking, but instead to prevent damage to your roof from the added weight of the snow.

It is recommended that your solar panels be rinsed every few months to remove any dirt, dust, pollen, or bird droppings that may have accumulated. In some cases, it may be necessary to use soap and water to fully clean your panels.

Solar panel installation in New York and New Jersey

SunPower® by Infinity Solar is located in Pearl River, NY and has been installing solar panels on homes and businesses in Rockland County, Orange County and Westchester County for many years. While these are our primary service areas, we’ve also worked on many solar panel installations in northern New Jersey, including Bergen County and Passaic County, and even New York City.

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