Our Process


Solar power installations in New York and New Jersey are simple when you have all the information. That’s why we keep you involved and informed during every stage – it is your home after all. With our process, your switch to solar could be complete in as little as 3 months.

Solar Panel Questions
Solar Panels for Homes in NJ

Site assessment

2 weeks

We meticulously measure your roof and level of sun exposure throughout the day to custom design your system specifically for your home.

Solar Panels for Sale in NJ, NY, NYC

Final system agreement

1 to 2 weeks

After we gather all the information we need, we send you the final agreement to sign. Your switch to solar is officially underway!

Solar Panels in NJ

System design

3 to 4 weeks

Our experts design your best custom solar solution. This crucial step of the process is what separates SunPower® by Infinity Solar from other companies. We take the time to get every detail right so your system is optimized to last.

Solar Panel Installation Process


1 to 6 weeks

Did you know that you need permits for a solar power installation in New York and New Jersey? Don’t worry, we’ll handle it. We get a construction permit from your town/municipality, and/or provide plans to your Homeowner’s Association.

Solar Panel Company in NYC


1 to 3 days

The day is here! You’re about to be a proud owner of a highly-efficient SunPower® solar system. We’ve got more good news – installation usually takes just a day for our professional installers.

Solar Panel Company in NY


3 to 8 weeks

Whether you’re in New York or New Jersey, we get your system cleared by the town/municipality and notify your utility company. This includes quality check and a final walk through, electrical and building inspection.

Solar Power Company in NJ

Utility approval & activation

1 to 12 weeks

The final piece of the solar puzzle – once your utility company gives their approval to flip the switch, you’ll be up and running, powering your home with clean, efficient energy from the sun.

So, are you ready to get started?